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fossils of all sorts

Today I went on a reporting trip to chat with a scientist who likes to collect fossils. (I’ll tell you more when the story comes out.) I saw tons of shark teeth, bits of seals and whales, some coral and … Continue reading

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museum tourist: harvard natural history

There is nothing I love like a good old-school museum. And Harvard’s Museum of Natural History? It is OLD school. Ok, it has many excellent modern displays teaching scientific concepts. And it also has: Boxes of rocks! (Excuse me: cabinets … Continue reading

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deadly sea – rawr

As the scientist standing at the window next to me said a few minutes ago: “They wouldn’t show *this* on Deadliest Catch, would they?” The Bering Sea is absolutely dead calm. It looks like a pond, only flatter. You can … Continue reading

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the bering sea is following me

Over the weekend I was in Arizona for a retreat. It was totally idyllic, with hummingbirds and citrus flowers and warm weather, and I spent many hours every day listening to people talk about interesting things. It was a retreat … Continue reading

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