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your mouth is a jungle

I don’t know how you have fun at your house, but I celebrated Christmas Eve with a story about tooth decay for ScienceNOW. (Ok, I wrote it on the 23rd; it just went through final editing on the 24th.) The … Continue reading

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oh my, partial bodies

Well, you don’t see that every day. This was in front of a teaching hospital. My guess is they’re for people to practice doing intubations. (Anybody know for sure?)

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arsenic in the well

In Bangladesh, millions of people drink contaminated water that’s contaminated with arsenic. This isn’t like in a mystery novel when someone gets poisoned with arsenic. You don’t keel over dead. Water with arsenic in it is lovely and clean and … Continue reading

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So, I’m sitting here at my desk at Die Welt a few minutes ago and my neighbor’s phone rings. This happens often. But then I notice that she’s leaning over, looking at my phone, and reading off my phone number. She … Continue reading

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German lesson of the day

Fascinating German fact of the day: the word for “birth control pill” is apparently Antibabypille. Well, it’s descriptive, isn’t it? I’m reading an article in Die Welt about a woman who was taking birth control pills and died of a pulmonary embolism – … Continue reading

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After more than a week of gastrointestinal distress, I finally got a verdict: norovirus. I don’t recommend it. The good news is that I’m going to finally start my fellowship this week. You know, the reason I came over here. … Continue reading

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mighty cultural exchange

I’m so glad I asked the downstairs neighbor to do my shopping today (my illness being such that I really don’t want to leave my apartment unless it’s for a medical facility). He was fast, and it wasn’t out of … Continue reading

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sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

Yeah, I haven’t really blogged this week. You know why? I’ve been sick. You know the only thing worse than being sick? Being sick in a foreign country. My fellow Berlin-based Burns Fellows turn out to be princes among men … Continue reading

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rollin rollin rollin

Here’s how you know you’re on a ship: All the computers are tied down. I don’t think we’ve actually had any boat movement that would be dramatic enough to slide a laptop off a table, but I’m glad they’re tied … Continue reading

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eat more salt

No, don’t. Don’t eat more salt. But do read my latest work: a quick piece for National Geographic News about a study on salt and mood. An editor at NG News forwarded me a press release about this research a … Continue reading

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