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Museum Tourist: Zeppelin Museum

A little earlier this year, I was in Switzerland for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t totally planned. Long story. Sometimes, in one’s life, one just ends up in Switzerland. (This was my sixth time there. Doesn’t that seem like … Continue reading

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DotW: Webster’s New Geographical Dictionary

The Webster’s New Geographical Dictionary has been on my shelf for years. I never use it. I write about places sometimes. The other day, I opened it so I could start thinking about writing an entry on it. Having spent … Continue reading

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oh, that’s fun

The March issue of Smithsonian arrived today. I was delighted to find this: I’m sandwiched between two of my friends! Andrew and Sarah both happen to live in Berlin and are excellent human beings (and writers).

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home, watery home

I’m cleaning off the bulletin board by my desk and came across a couple of blog ideas I’d meant to write a while ago, so here’s one of them. I’ve now been back from Berlin for almost four months, but … Continue reading

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DotW: Langenscheidt Universal German Dictionary

At the time I left for Germany last July, I owned three German dictionaries. One I got in 1990 when I took my first German class, one random paperback of unknown provenance, and a big desk dictionary I got a … Continue reading

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Emyn Muil

I never got around to writing about a lot of my adventures in Germany, partly because I was having trouble uploading pictures to WordPress. So, I guess you’re in luck, ’cause I figured that out. When my parents came and … Continue reading

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DotW: LEO Deutsch-Englisches Wörterbuch

One of my favorite online dictionaries, Leo, is this week’s Dictionary of the Week. Actually, it’s kind of last week’s Dictionary of the Week. Hey. I was busy. Yep, the online dictionary gets an unattractive picture of my computer screen. … Continue reading

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next time, check with me

After I found out I was going to Berlin, I found out U2 was touring this year. And I was like, oh, great. I bet they play Berlin when I’m in D.C. and D.C. when I’m in Berlin. But I … Continue reading

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bringing berlin home

I’m really happy to be home, but I’ve also been pleased to notice some ways that my life in Germany is sticking with me. For example: I went to the grocery store the other day and was surprised to remember … Continue reading

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home! home!

After a very long time on an airplane, a much-longer-than-planned time at the Newark airport, and a very short time on another airplane, I am home from Berlin! Hooray! Now I have to think of something to do on my … Continue reading

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