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Where Did Corn Come From?

All the plants and animals we eat and use came from somewhere. Chickens are related to a bird in Southeast Asia; wheat comes from some kind of middle Eastern grass. Years ago, genetic research found that corn’s closest ancestor was … Continue reading

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Climate Change on the Best Vacation Ever

I have a new post up at LWON today. It’s about the signs of climate change that appeared on my recent vacation, a walk through southwestern England. My friend Kate and I started at a farm outside of Gloucester and … Continue reading

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three more quizzes

I just remembered to go looking for my last batch of quizzes, and they were there! Wahoo! Here are three to entertain you for now, and I’ll post the last three later. Tell your friends. A mosquito researcher once told … Continue reading

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bering sea ice

Check it out: I wrote about ice in the Bering Sea for the website of Deadliest Catch,  the Discovery Channel show about crab fishing in the Bering Sea. There’s been a lot more ice than usual the last couple of … Continue reading

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little poopers

Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey have a clever new way to find emperor penguins around Antarctica: look for their poop. From space. Read all about it! Note that I did manage to quote the guy calling poop “poo.” Penguins … Continue reading

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icebreakers: they break ice

This would never have occurred to me, but now at least three people have asked it, with varying degrees of seriousness. Are icebreakers bad for the ice? It’s not a completely nutty question. Icebreakers do, yknow, break the ice. And … Continue reading

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bad news, bared

Friday was a good news day at the AAAS conference, with the fisheries scientists putting on a happy face. Today was bad news day for climate change. Chris Field, a very smart guy who I worked for briefly in 2002, … Continue reading

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