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book! book! book!

Fantastic photographer Chris Linder has a new photography book, Science on Ice, about four expeditions to the cold and icy parts of our planet. Including one to the Bering Sea. Sound familiar? That’s right, it’s the expedition I went on. … Continue reading

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not polluting too much

My car had its biennial emissions test today: Right after I took this picture, I found out why the inspection guys were crawling all over my car – they couldn’t figure out how to open the gas tank cover. It’s … Continue reading

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photographer in antarctica

Chris Linder, the photographer who took me to the Bering Sea, is on another adventure – in Antarctica on an Artists & Writers grant. He’s there to take pictures of south polar skuas, which means several weeks camping at Cape … Continue reading

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rocks from the sky (and plain old rocks)

The other day I went to the Smithsonian’s natural history museum to look at some meteorites. It was really cool. I held a piece of Mars in my hand. Actually, two pieces. Of MARS. The PLANET. Which is in OUTER … Continue reading

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very cold, very dry, very calm

Here’s the story I was talking about yesterday. Yeah, it’s in German. Google Translator actually does a pretty good job with it – select German to English, paste the URL in the box, and it’ll show you the page in … Continue reading

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little poopers

Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey have a clever new way to find emperor penguins around Antarctica: look for their poop. From space. Read all about it! Note that I did manage to quote the guy calling poop “poo.” Penguins … Continue reading

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astronaut vs polar bear

Astronauts and polar bears? In one place?!?!? Well, no, two places: New quizzes! Project Gemini. Did you know what NASA project came between Mercury and Apollo? Yeah, neither did I. I wasn’t born yet, you see. But now I want … Continue reading

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