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bilingual babies

This weekend the AAAS meeting is in town. Hordes of scientists and science writers have descended on D.C. for a weekend of general science. It’s good times – lots of interesting ideas flying around and tons of colleagues to hang … Continue reading

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superheroes in the newspaper

The Washington Post ran a little blurb recommending Science’s podcasts – particularly the entertaining ones, like the superhero one. Which was by me! Woohoo! Here’s their piece.

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test tube babies

Last weekend I wrote a blog post for ScienceNOW about whether “test tube” babies are healthy. Answer: Basically, yes, but the oldest one is only 31, so there’s no way to know about health effects that show up later in … Continue reading

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music, language, and the brain

Yesterday I went to a session at the AAAS meeting about the links between music, language, and the brain. I was particularly impressed by a study on Musical Intonation Therapy. Sometimes people who have had their speech knocked out by … Continue reading

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southern california

It’s kind of lame being in a conference center all day, but I can’t really complain when the way to the press room has views like this:

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science of superheroes

I started the AAAS meeting right Friday morning by going to a session on the science of superheroes. A couple of scientists were joined by two writers from the TV show Heroes and one of the screenwriters on the movie … Continue reading

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museum tourist: san diego natural history

Every year during the AAAS meeting, there’s an evening reception where some big science journalism awards are presented. This year, the reception was Friday night at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. I caught the first shuttle … Continue reading

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very bright lights

I blogged again! This one is about using synchrotrons to look at ancient things. A synchrotron is a really bright x-ray machine the size of a football field. If you point it at a bug in amber or an ancient … Continue reading

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munch munch munch

The AAAS journalism awards reception is always a good show. This year’s party was at the Art Institute of Chicago. The highlight was a temporary exhibition on Edvard Munch. You know him – he did the Scream.┬áHe was Norwegian, and … Continue reading

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it happened again!

Someone said hi! She used my name! I had no idea who she was! Fortunately, I saw her again later before she saw me, read her nametag, and realized I’d just met her last night. So, it was a recent … Continue reading

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