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Spring, Again

Look, the arrival of spring is a big deal, ok? This week: Leaves on deciduous trees. I believe this is a birch. (In Kiruna, Sweden.)

Whoa, Hi, Reindeer

This piece of taxidermy is also an advertisement. It’s a reindeer outside ThornĂ©us Renprodukter, a store in Kiruna, Sweden. Guess what they...
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Sweden: Now Featuring…Spring!

I hear reports that dandelions have now been spotted at the space campus here in Kiruna. I haven’t personally seen them, but I can share a...
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Spotted in Norway: Spring

A few weeks ago I got excited about seeing flies; this weekend, it was dandelions. That’s how you know it’s been a long winter. This is...
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Snow Around Trees

Up here above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, spring has been slow to come. I suppose technically it arrived on March 20, the same as everywhere else in...
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Pretty Carving

This doesn’t have anything to do with my normal blog topics, but it’s so pretty, I wanted to post anyway. Toulouse’s Basilica of...
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Test pencast

Just seeing if this works. I have a magic pen–one of these–and you can use it to do “pencasts,” like this one: test pencast...
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Fall Colors

This weekend in western Colorado: I just learned from a Forest Service page how this happens. The short version: leaves stop making chlorophyll...
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The Balloon Altimeter Test of Prague

In Prague last year, my boyfriend and I went to a charming antique shop in the old Jewish quarter. We actually went to a lot of antique shops in...
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Physics in Action

I was in an office and noticed two perfect circles of light on the carpet. Here’s one captured on my hand: I followed the light up toward...
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