So Many Bugs on My Window

Today was a big day for bugs on my window. It’s been warm and sunny for several days in a row, and I guess today is the day the bugs all came out to play (or today is the day I noticed them).

silhouette of a phasmid of some sortI’m going to call this something in the praying mantis group, the order Mantodea. It was the second one I saw on the window today – the first, at lunchtime, flew off before I could get my camera. That first appearance was on the other side of a screen anyway and would have been hard to get a picture of. Each was half an inch long.

hymenopteran on a windowThis is a member of Hymenoptera, the order that includes ants, bees, and wasps. This photo caught it in the middle of wiping its front legs across its antennae. Could be an ant or a wasp.

I also saw a couple of tiny flies…and who knows what else has landed and flown away again while I’ve been sitting here writing this?

Photos: me



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