Ice Cream Essay

Transcript of actual e-mail conversation between me and another contributor to The Last Word on Nothing, a little over a week ago:

Me: I’ve been particularly low on lwon ideas lately. Got anything for me?

Cameron: Ooooo…. I’m low, too. Something summer related?

Me: The total awesomeness of homemade ice cream? Not sure I have 500 words about that, though.

Her: I think it doesn’t have to be 500. You could look for some ice cream studies.

Me: Or mint studies. Mint chocolate chip is the best. It’s not my favorite flavor, it’s just *amazing* when it’s homemade with real mint leaves.

Her: Oooo, yes. When we did it at home we did a combo of mint leaves and mint extract, but now I feel like that was cheating! Do you just pulverize a lot of mint leaves?

Me: Yup! I don’t even pulverize them. I just kinda chop them. I use the Joy of Cooking recipe – when you’ve heated the milk and sugar, you turn off the heat, dump in the mint, cover it, and leave it for half an hour. Then you strain it. It’s amazing – it tastes so planty.

And that, girls and boys, is where essays come from.

Very Aromatic Plant Chocolate Chip

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