From Dry to Wet

greenery!Today for The Last Word on Nothing I wrote about coming home from Saudi Arabia. I still can’t get over trees. Big old deciduous trees, pulling water out of the ground like it’s no big deal. You keep doing your thing, big trees. You’re the best.

A friend of mine pointed out that this experience, of moving from a dry place to a wet place, is something you can have without leaving the country, but I decided it was worth writing about anyway.

It’s fun being able to write about this trip immediately after coming back. Usually when I go somewhere exotic it’s because there’s some big feature story coming out, so I have to save up my random stories and observations in case I need them later.

Doing it this way is also challenging, because I haven’t turned all the thoughts over in my head as thoroughly as I like to. Also, I wasn’t there as a reporter, so I have done absolutely zero reporting. It’s an interesting exercise.

Coming Home from Saudi Arabia

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