Life After Science Writing

Ever wondered if there could be life after science writing? This week for The Open Notebook, I got in touch with people who used to be science writers or non-science journalists to find out what they’re doing with their skills. I wrote about, among others, a nurse, a health policy nerd, and a coffee roaster. I also heard of former journalists who are now veterinarians, lawyers, graphic designers, and other useful jobs.

A lot of my science writing friends have Plan Bs. (Plans B?) I don’t–this was already my plan B. So, if you’re reading this, please keep giving me work.

#$%^* this: What else are my skills good for?

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2 Responses to Life After Science Writing

  1. Robert Taylor says:

    This post comes at a timely moment! I’ve organized a session at DCSWA’s Professional Development Day called “Life After Journalism.” I’d like to ask you a few questions about your piece. Can you write me?

  2. Robert Taylor says:

    PS: I’m hoping you, as blog owner, can see my email address? In case not, I’ll risk it:
    rtaylor “at”