Bug on my Bridge

Last night I was out for a walk and came across this impressive spider.

spider on bridge

It was on the side of a footbridge across the Saône river in Lyon, France. As I walked along, I saw more and more–dozens, probably. Many were in the supports beneath the handrail, like this one. But a few enterprising spiders had set up over the side, by the lights.

The lights are the reason the spiders are there. They’re just like biologists studying nocturnal bugs in the rainforest. The biologist lights a white sheet and checks back to see who’s landed on the sheet, drawn to the light. The spider spins a web next to a light and waits for flying bugs to get stuck.

spider by a lightJust leaning over to take this picture, I kept getting bugs flying into my face. Look how many insect fragments that spider has in its web. Clearly a good place for hunting.

photos: me

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