Penguins and Peepguins, Oh My!

sweaters for peepguins I’ve been on a bit of a knitting-sweaters-for-birds rampage this week. First I wrote about the call for penguin sweaters from a wildlife rescue organization in Australia. This call for sweaters spread like wildfire on social media, with a lighter trail of debunking following behind.

My friends Kate Ramsayer, Joanna Church, and I thought that knitting sweaters for penguins would be a perfect topic for the Washington Post’s Peeps Diorama Contest. My compatriots at LWON were kind enough to let me post an album of Peeps photos.

I credited myself in the album for “eccentric knitting”–I made the bunny hat with two ears, the tiny stuffed green bunny, the shawls, and the Easter egg. Kate almost didn’t let me do the Easter egg, because it was late on the day of the contest deadline and we were going to lose the light for taking photos, but I was so sure it needed to happen. Kate, who created this monster by teaching me how to knit five years ago, knitted the hats, the sweaters worn by all the bunnies, and the sweaters the bunnies are working on.

I’m delighted with Joanna’s artwork–I asked her to frame the original of the “Help the Peepguins” poster (the one behind the cashier) for me. She also used her exhibit construction skills–she works at a museum–to assemble the diorama and glue on the wallpaper and flooring. It’s good to have friends with skills.

photo: me

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