Bug On My Window: First of 2014

This bug appeared on my window a couple of weeks ago, when it still seemed like there was a chance that spring might come to Washington this year.


I underestimated the polar vortex. Today those roofs that are blurrily visible in the bottom of this photo are covered in white and the air is thick with wet snow. Again. I thought we were done with winter two snowstorms ago.

The National Park Service is saying April 8-12 for the cherry blossom peak. April 8 is two weeks from today. Some years, it’s already uncomfortably hot when they bloom. Are we going to go straight from snow to summer?

Anyway. About this bug. One thing that may not be obvious: It’s on the inside. In theory, this might mean that I could get a better picture of its markings, but, well, that’s not how it worked out.

One of the friendly naturalists at Bugguide.net was able to identify it anyway: Anthocomus equestris, a beetle native to Eurasia that has found its way to the Eastern U.S. and Canada.

I don’t know how I missed this in person–the backlighting, I suppose–but it has nice bright red markings. I can actually make them out if I make the photo very, very bright on the computer, but they’re much more obvious in this illustration from an 1876 book with the delightful title K√§ferbuch – a natural history of the beetles of Europe, in German.


I have no idea what it was doing in my apartment.

Photo: Me. Illustration: Wikimedia Commons


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