My Taste is Amazing

chess menI was watching the first Harry Potter movie the other day–those kids got a lot better at acting as they got older–and noticed two pieces of art that I’ve seen and blogged about in the last year.

The chess set that Ron and Harry play with is the Lewis chess set, brought to life. The walls of the Gryffindor common room are covered with the Lady and the Unicorn.

I guess this proves that movie designers and I have similar taste in museum pieces. In any case, I was excited to recognize them.

Here’s another piece of art that I hadn’t previously blogged about: the glorious cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral. They stood in for parts of Hogwarts in the first, second, and sixth movies.


I visited the cathedral in December and was looking out for the cloisters while watching the first movie, but I still missed them. That’s what I get for knitting and watching TV at the same time. I got the whole series on Blu-ray for Christmas, so I’ll keep an eye out for these and other artworks as I work through the rest of the series.

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