Bug on a Window at Work

Yesterday I went out with a video crew to report a story on [redacted] for [redacted]. (Details when the story is out.)

This delightful collection of bugs was on a window in a scientist’s lab.

That’s not a window to the outdoors; it’s a two-way mirror into a room where SCIENCE happens.

If you’ve taken a genetics class or hosted some old fruit, you know what these are: fruit flies. Scientists use fruit flies to study genetics and developmental biology, but that’s not what these are for. They’re here to be eaten by the other bug in the room. That other bug is what he studies.

These aren’t the usual research species, Drosophila melanogaster. They’re Drosophila virilis, which is bigger and juicier–the properties this scientist was looking for.

(Details when the story is out.)

Update, 10/25: The story is out.

photo: me

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