Museum Tourist: Jane Austen Centre

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath brought out my inner Scrooge. It seemed like a good idea to visit. Jane Austen wrote multiple books set in Bath, and the exhibit is about her time there. But I was disgruntled. I paid £8 ($12.20) and got a very well-rehearsed lecture from a young lady in a Regency dress followed by a visit to a small and extraordinarily crowded exhibition hall without, really, all that much stuff in it.

If you do want to do Jane Austen tourism in Bath, go to the Pump Room and the Assembly Rooms and imagine the characters in Persuasion or Northanger Abbey meeting friends and playing cards.

You can still take the waters in the Pump Room. Those are Bath’s natural spring waters, which gave the town its name. The waters don’t taste very nice, but the experience is excellent.

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One Response to Museum Tourist: Jane Austen Centre

  1. glyn says:

    It has a long way to go before coming close to the biggest rip off ever, the roman spring in wales. Although at least we were issued with hard hats.