Bug on my Flower

I know, I know. The Bug on my Window series is supposed to be about bugs on windows. I’ve been straying. But it’s my blog and I’ll stray if I want to.

Earlier this month I spent six days walking on the Cotswold Way, one of the UK’s national trails. My friend Kate and I stayed at B&Bs and ate at pubs and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We also took a lot of pictures of flowers. Late on the first day I saw a brilliant red flower and walked over to take a picture of it, when I realized someone else had gotten there first.

Isn’t that a lovely bug? Now, to identify it. It’s colorful and it’s active during the day, which might make you think butterfly, but it’s resting with its wings open flat, which to me says it’s not a butterfly.

Beyond that, I’m not willing to guess, so I turned to this community for help. It’s a forum hosted by the Natural History Museum in the UK where you can post pictures of British bugs and get identifications.

The response: yes, it’s a day-flying moth, and it’s probably a five-spot burnet. (Read the post here.) According to the person who answered my question, you can’t actually tell a five-spot burnet from a six-spot burnet from the number of spots, because it’s possible for two of a six-spot burnet’s spots to fuse and look like the same spot. Confusing, isn’t it?

In any case, those red spots are a warning–these moths are not healthy to eat. So don’t eat them. I know you wanted to.

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