Telemedicine and Dialysis

I have a story out in the new issue of George Washington University’s Medicine + Health magazine, about telemedicine and dialysis. It was the first story I’d done for them, and I enjoyed it. It brought together two topics that I didn’t know much about, and it was a special treat for me to actually do interviews in person.

GWU has had a telemedicine center for decades – since the late 1980′s, I believe. They have contracts with shipping companies and oil rigs. They used to do some work with Antarctica. Now they’re also working with some less exotically-located patients: people with serious kidney problems who are doing dialysis for themselves at home. (You can do that! Who knew?)

Very little of my professional life involves travel to places like Panama and the Bering Sea. Most of the time, I sit at the desk in my living room, and occasionally talk to interesting people on the phone. In this case, though, the interesting people were in the same town as me, so I packed up my Livescribe pen and notebooks and met two of the sources in person.

Now that I think of it, most of my work is kind of telejournalism, isn’t it? I don’t actually have to meet people in person to write about their work. It sure does help if you want atmospheric details, though.

Read the story.

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