DotW: Webster’s New Explorer Rhyming Dictionary

When I began to write about this book
That sits upon the shelf above my desk
I opened to the front and undertook
To seek out funny words, and picturesque.
I learned some fun new facts among its leaves
Yearling can sound like merlin, apparently.
And a longer pair more silliness achieves
Dichotomous hippopotamus, e.g.
The oddest thing about this yellow tome:
Its subject is the endings of the lines.
All entries start A, E, I, U, and O
And at the end, five pages of the Ys.
This awful sonnet took a ton of time;
I’ll keep on writing stories without rhyme.

Dictionary Stats: Webster’s New Explorer Rhyming Dictionary

date: 2002
publisher: Federal Street Press, a division of Merriam-Webster, Inc.
length: 369 pp.
guide words on p. 332/333: owy, blowy, Chloe, doughy, joey, Joey, showy, snowy, towhee, echoey, kalanchoe. ozzle, Basel, Basil, nozzle, schnozzle. (I get the feeling some of their rhymes are approximate. Towhee does not rhyme with Chloe. This makes me doubt yearling/merlin, too.)
Introduction: Mostly explains how to use the dictionary, and includes this: “Users of this book who are uncertain about any aspect of meaning, usage status, or pronunciation of any word listed here should consult their dictionary.”
obscenities: No.

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