Museum Tourist: Mini-Golf at the National Building Museum

This summer the National Building Museum brought some classic entertainment indoors: they’ve set up a super funky miniature golf course in one of their exhibit spaces.

Each hole was designed and built by a different D.C.-area architect, contractor, or landscape architect. One appeared to be by the caterer, lighting company, and so on that outfit the museum for parties.

My mom’s theory is that some of these designers had never actually played miniature golf before. They tended to forget some of the practicalities, like indicating where you should put the ball to start. And one hole, a sort of halfpipe thing in the back right of this picture, seemed to be actually impossible.

My mom mentioned the impossibility of that hole to the guard at the exit, and she said a 5-year-old boy got a hole-in-one this morning. Shows how much we know.

This one was done by STUDIOS Architecture, to show off their work on the new Canal Park. Clever move, STUDIOS, ’cause I’d never heard of this park, and it looks really cool. It was a really fun hole to play, too.

My mom and I tied, 40 to 40. The course is par 30, so…looks like our putting needs some work. The course is there til Labor Day. My only complaint is that it was in one of the exhibit halls, and not out in the museum’s gorgeous atrium–now that would be a good miniature golf course.

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4 Responses to Museum Tourist: Mini-Golf at the National Building Museum

  1. Lila says:

    Looks fun! Better than a day in the office…

  2. Erin says:

    You know, I was looking at that photo of the STUDIOS hole (before I read the caption) and thought, “That looks awfully familiar to me.” Probably because I worked there for two years, and then again for about five months last year. Ha.

  3. Helen says:

    Yes! When I saw the name, I was like, wait, isn’t that where Erin worked?

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