Turning the Tables

I visited Lawrence University in Wisconsin a few months ago to give a talk about my Bering Sea adventure. While I was there, I also met with student journalist Alyssa Villaire. Read her story about my visit.

It’s weird reading a story about me. It actually made me a little anxious. Since I write about other people all the time, it’s probably healthy for me to have the experience once every decade or so. And Alyssa didn’t make a single mistake or describe my physical experience or attempt to psychoanalyze me or anything. I can’t imagine what it’s like having a 4,000-word profile written about you.


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3 Responses to Turning the Tables

  1. Lila says:

    Yeah, the few times I’ve been interviewed for stories were really weird experiences. I’m glad she didn’t make any errors with the story about your visit!

  2. Helen says:

    Yes! It’s great that she didn’t get any facts wrong.

  3. sheila says:

    For me…being your friend and all, cause it’s really all about me, it was funny to see you referred to as “Fields.” You’re Helen!