Museum Tourist: Museu de la Xocolata

Today was International Museum Day. I tried to go to about 7 museums, all but one of which was either completely closed for renovation, mostly closed for renovation, or nonexistent.

The Chocolate Museum was the one exception in my day of museum misadventure. It’s owned by the Barcelona guild of pastrymakers. I’m not sure it would be worth going on a day when you had to pay full price, but it was free today, and this is the ticket they gave me:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I have no reason to argue with free chocolate.

The museum gives a bit of an overview of how chocolate works (it grows on trees and you have to mush it and stuff) and some cultural significance (people like it). I didn’t feel like I learned a lot, but maybe I know more about chocolate than most people. I did learn that chocolate, which grows in central America, supposedly came to the Old World through Barcelona.

The main source of entertainment is dioramas made of chocolate.They had Smurfs, SpongeBob, a creepy all-white monk, Asterix and Obelix (each in his own scene, with Romans) and my favorite, Tintin:

In case you for some reason have not memorized the Tintin oeuvre, that’s Tintin and Captain Haddock seeing the rocket for the first time in Destination Moon.

One room showed what I think was some of the winners of a pastry contest. I have never seen so much chocolate Picasso in one place, or perhaps any chocolate Picasso. I found the multiple representations of Guernica particularly incongruous.

Because nothing says “chocolate” like horrific air raids on villages full of civilians.

It wasn’t all Picasso; that room also had a chocolate version of one of the facades of La Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s delightfully kooky church. Chocolate version:

Real version:

I think the chocolatier did a pretty good job of capturing it.

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2 Responses to Museum Tourist: Museu de la Xocolata

  1. Lila says:

    OK, that’s just weird. Why so much sculpting with chocolate?

    I laughed out loud at your comment about the Guernica chocolates.

  2. Lila says:

    (And now I need to go dig up some chocolate to, um, sculpt something out of. Or perhaps just to eat.)