shuttle flyover

Like many other people in the D.C. area, today I got to see the space shuttle Discovery do its flyover before it goes to its new home, at the National Air & Space Museum. I met up with a friend at the Lincoln Memorial to watch it go by.

I expected a “There it goes!” and you go home. I was wrong. The shuttle took multiple loops around the area, including one pass right over the Mall. It was flying low and slow. It was awesome.

If you haven’t already worked this out from everyone else’s pictures, the shuttle rides on the back of a 747. The Washington Post did a fun online animation showing how the shuttle gets up there.

We weren’t exactly alone at the Lincoln Memorial. It was a great place, though – while there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel crowded, and wow, the views!!

Here’s the shuttle on its last pass through downtown, before it went out and looped around the Beltway, past Andrews Air Force Base and Goddard Space Flight Center:

And, finally, out to Dulles again.

I like how all those cars just stopped dead on Memorial Bridge. Space shuttle traffic jams–that doesn’t happen every day.

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