best issue ever?

I wasn’t totally complete, it turns out, when I posted earlier about all the people I know in the March issue of Smithsonian. Yes, Sarah Everts, Andrew Curry, and I appear on three consecutive even-numbered pages. But three pages before Sarah is a story by another Sarah, of the Zielinski variety, and in the big feature “The New Stars of Photography,” one of the stars is my buddy Chris Linder, who took me along to the Bering Sea three years ago.

So here’s the full list of things you ought to check out in the March issue:

Visualize This by Sarah Zielinski
Sweat and Tears by Sarah Everts
Why So Blue? by me
Truth and Beauty by Andrew Curry
a truly delightful penguin photograph by Chris Linder
And, of course, much behind-the-scenes work by editor Laura Helmuth.

So it’s the best issue of Smithsonian ever, if the metric you care about is how many of my friends are in it.

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