A friend pointed out this nifty link to me: an artist who makes life-sized crochet versions of animals. Crochet + taxidermy = crochetdermy. Clever, eh?

The writer seems to think “knit” and “crochet” can be used interchangeably, but as far as I can tell from the pictures, these are all crocheted.

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3 Responses to crochetdermy

  1. SteveB says:

    When I first saw this title, I thought it said “crotchedermy” — which does not sound like a fun hobby at all.

  2. Lila says:

    Wow! Those are amazing.

    On a related topic, have you seen that there’s an effort to crochet a Hawaiian reef? It’s being run by one of the UCSC scicom arts folks from my year, Michelle Schwengel.

  3. Helen says:

    I haven’t seen that! Sounds neat.