oreo science: edicion en español

Loyal readers may recall my shipboard foray into oreo science two years ago, in which I learned that the ship’s mini-pack oreos were way smaller than the regular oreos I’d bought on shore. A follow-up experiment with Ritz crackers showed that the ship’s crackers were bigger – but, like the ship’s oreos, tasted worse – than the ones I’d brought with me.

My mom contributed to the spread of snack food science by bringing back a packet of oreos from Spain this fall. In the interests of science, I had to buy oreos at CVS – and then not eat them all before I got around to making a comparison. (Curse those tasty cookies.)

On the left, the American oreo; on the right, the Spanish one.

It’s easier to tell in person, but the American one is definitely bigger, although it’s not as big a size difference as ship vs shore oreos. The American one is also a slightly lighter shade of brown. The Spanish ones are a bit more squished, but that could be because the packet sunbathed in my kitchen for a couple of months before I got around to opening it for this experiment. And the American ones taste better. That’s probably thanks to some ingredient that the EU doesn’t allow.

Here’s a side view where you can see the difference in height:

And there you go. Oreo science.

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3 Responses to oreo science: edicion en español

  1. Ro says:

    Wow ! That’s a crazy height difference !

    Clearly you are now going to have to continue this experiment, and get people, rather than sending you postcards, to send you an oreo from different parts of the world that they visit. And do you reckon oreos are even the same between different states?…oooh the possibilities… :-D

  2. Helen says:

    Ha! I must say, I’d rather have delicious local cookies from wherever people visit. A girl can have too many oreos.

  3. SteveB says:

    A single measurement? I expect an n of 5 with SEM!! :D