I know everybody: husbands of acquaintances

This afternoon the phone rang and the caller ID said it was “T. Szymanski.” Well, that’s a pretty unusual last name, and I thought, that’s odd, is the T. Szymanski I know from college calling me for some kind of fundraising thing or something? I don’t think she’s ever been involved in such things before, but who knows, maybe she got inspired.

But it wasn’t her, it was the scientist who was going to call me that afternoon when he managed to get his daughter to take a nap. I asked about the name on his caller ID and – yeah, he’s married to the T. Szymanski I know.

The world is very, very small.

And just think – I would never have known this if he hadn’t called me (which is unusual) from home (I usually talk to people in their offices) and his wife hadn’t both kept her name and used it when signing up for phone service. I wonder how many other scientists I’ve talked to who are married to people I went to college with, and I’ve just never realized it?

(I don’t really know everybody, but I like to pretend I do. Read about it.)

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