I know everybody: crochet coral reef

At the crochet coral reef workshop, I hung around with the beginners – I did, technically, already know how to crochet, but I really only knew how to crochet continuously in one direction. So, if I wanted to make spirals, I was fine, but it seemed useful to learn some other skills, and also to learn what the different stitches were called. Also, the friend I brought with me (MJ) was a beginner.

So the beginners were chatting, and I said I was writing a blog post for the Smithsonian, and one of them said, oh, I work at the Smithsonian. Turns out she’s a VIARC volunteer – they’re the ones who answer questions at the information desk. And I said, oh, my mom does that at the Freer and Sackler, and she said, I think I’ve met your mom, she works with my sister-in-law, Sandy. Who I know.

Then the sign-up for the mailing list came around, and the last name on it was someone I knew a little in high school – I was good friends with her little brother. It’s a fairly unusual name. I wandered around the yarn store until I found someone who looked vaguely familiar, asked, and indeed, it was her. She didn’t remember me at all.

(I don’t really know everybody, but I like to pretend I do. Read about it.)

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