blogger in the Arctic

A few weeks ago I got a call from Haley Smith Kingsland, a student at Stanford who was getting ready to be the blogger for a research cruise on the USCGC Healy. She was looking for advice, based on my six weeks on the Healy last year. So, after a winter getting gussied up in dry dock, Healy is out on the ocean again. This cruise started in Dutch Harbor last week, and they’ve already gone up through the Bering Strait to the Arctic. The science mission has something to do with figuring out how climate change will affect the Arctic ecosystem.

Read Haley’s one-woman blog here. It’s all her – the pictures, the writing, everything. Whew. She’s also tweeting and writing on her own blog (in theory, anyway – she hasn’t posted since heading up to Alaska).

In other cruise news, some of the folks who I was on the Healy with last year are out in the Bering Sea right now on the R/V Thompson; read chief scientist Dave Shull’s blog posts. You may remember him from the epic tales Under the Ice and The Story of Thorium.

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