snowmageddon 2010

We’ve been getting truly fantastic quantities of snow around here lately. Since Friday, the Baltimore airport has gotten 44 inches of snow. Come on. That’s almost four feet. That’s insane. It’s a little less at National Airport, so I think the snowy truth is somewhere in the middle for me. In any case, it’s a lot of darn snow.

We’d been hearing about this storm for days. Apparently the meteorological models were unusually confident that this was going to be one heck of a storm. And the models did not lie.

Things kicked off Friday afternoon, Feb. 5:

snowy metro

The metro was still running at this point, but that didn’t last. Snow gets up around the electrified third rail, so in deep snow they only run the trains through the underground stations. Here’s a press release from WMATA that includes information about how they remove snow, a process I got to watch over the next few days.

Snow kept falling hard, all Friday¬† night…


…and Saturday:


It finally stopped snowing Saturday afternoon, after about 30 straight hours.

The sky cleared just in time for a lovely sunset.

western sky

Sunday was pretty much wall-to-wall snow. So was Monday. Fortunately, my neighborhood has a bar and a co-op grocery store within walking distance, and by Monday afternoon it was possible to get to both.

Tuesday there was talk of another storm coming, with less snow but nastier weather, and my guilt about leaving my mother alone with her snow shovel caught up with me. A friend with four-wheel drive gave me a ride to my parents’ house by way of Trader Joe’s.

trader joes

It snowed a bunch more.

bird feeder

That bird feeder had a giant hat of snow on it before I shoved it off to put seed in for the birds.

Tuesday night and Wednesday, I shoveled snow, I worked from my parents’ house, and the birds were happy. (I assume. They don’t speak English.)


Moment of science: apparently it’s good to feed birds in winter.

I love snow, so this winter is suiting me just fine, even after all the shoveling I’ve done in the last two days. It’s so exciting to have a legitimate winter in the D.C. area. I got snow without having to travel to Norway or the Bering Sea!

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