Several people have asked if it was strange coming back from the Bering Sea, where I considered 35 degrees Fahrenheit to be seriously balmy, to D.C., where it’s 88 degrees right now. The answer is, actually, no. The majority of the time I was up there, I was in a heated ship – it’s not like I was camping for 40 days – and there hasn’t been much of a temperature shock.

What’s really weird is the light. It feels like I came back to winter. I can’t believe it’s already dark by 9 p.m. Where are my midnight sunsets, I ask you?

Also, there are no baby seals here. Lame.

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One Response to seasons

  1. Erin says:

    yeah, i think the baby seals would make it a little more awesome here. or at least a baby panda again. sheesh, pandas, can’t you be successful in getting it on?