I’m finding myself kind of homesick for the Healy, so here are some of the links I’ve used to drown my sorrows.

Simone Welch, an elementary school from D.C., was on the cruise, too. She got super hands-on with the science, helping out several teams and learning lots of cool stuff, like how to do the hand signals for the winch.

Every hour, this website updates with the latest view from atop the ship. They’re in Juneau right now.

The Healy‘s public affairs officer writes a weekly update for friends and families. Before the trip, these were basically gibberish. (“Quarters was a good chance to bid farewell to SN Chelsey Fernandez as she prepared to depart for HS “A” School.”) Now I know what everything means. Scary.

Polar Discovery (my main assignment)

Blog posts for Scientific American

Twitter – WHOI plans to use that account for other expeditions.

The photography blog Chris wrote for – learn how he got some of those photos.

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