home sweet home

I’m home! I’m home! And I’m totally jetlagged. This seemed wimpy to me, because it’s all the same country, right? I just flew home from Alaska. But then I remembered it’s almost as big a time difference as England, and I’d definitely feel justified having jetlag if I were in London right now.

There are a lot of surprises about land, but perhaps the thing I miss most about the ship is the hot water. They kept it circulating all the time, so you could go from zero to scalding in about two seconds. In my apartment, you have to run the water for about a minute to get it to warm up, and even then it’s not that hot.

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One Response to home sweet home

  1. Melissa R says:

    Welcome back to solid ground! I’ve had a blast following your adventures. See you back dancing on the 30th? MAND at Sonia’s…