telling fish tales

Hey, lookit, I blogged. I mean, somewhere other than here. It’s over at ScienceNOW, the daily online news service of Science magazine. The topic: fisheries. Not *all* of the world’s fish are completely doomed. Fisheries scientists have decided that if everyone in the world thinks that all the fish news is totally bad, nobody is ever going to want to do anything about it. (Hey, they’re doomed – let’s just kill ‘em all and have the world’s biggest fish fry.) So they’re embarking on a campaign to tell the good news stories.

You could tell this was kind of a struggle sometimes. I went to part of the scientific session (the blog post was written after the press conference) and Greenpeace guy John Hocevar said, “I’ve been trying to stick to good news but I can’t quite do it.” He hung in there for a while, but then he got to tuna: “Truthfully, the tuna news is mostly bad.” Oh well. He still wrung some good news out of it. And there really are fish success stories.

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3 Responses to telling fish tales

  1. Jason says:

    I cover tuna in my Intro to International Relations course every single year. It’s during the WTO section when I talk about free trade folks butting heads with environmental folks. That’s not what my students remember, though. They only remember the story about me learning that tuna, when they’re in the ocean, are actually much bigger than those little cans. “If you remember nothing else from this course,” I tell them, “remember this – tuna are bigger than you.”

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  3. Helen says:

    It’s true – tuna are big! It was a long time before I realized that.